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Promotional Apple Spritzer Canned Drink. 250ml. A popular thirst quencher for both young and old is our Personalised Apple Spritzer Canned Drink. It contains 60% fruit juice and no added sugar. The handy 250ml aluminium can has the option to be customised with your branding in full colour with 7 different finishes:

Full Colour Printed Multivitamin Juice Canned Drink. 250ml The fresh and fruity mix of oranges, carrots and lemons combined with Vitamins A, B and C make this drink not only tasty but also good for you. The label can be designed and printed in full colour to display your logo or corporate message. There is also an option to print onto a transparent label to add a shiny metal effect to your artwork. A tasty way and refreshing way to promote you company at exhibitions, conferences, seminars and corporate events.

Branded Canned Organic Iced Coffee. Top quality organic coffee beans sourced from fairtrade companies in Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras and Peru give our Organic Iced Coffee it’s unique and delicious flavour. This product is not only fairly traded but also packaged in Cartocans, an eco-friendly container made from cardboard and can be stored at room temperature. If you want to promote your company as ethical and eco-friendly as well as provide a delicious and memorable marketing initiative, then our Organic Iced Coffee is the perfect promotional product for you. Your artwork can be printed on the Cartocan in full colour and can even display the Fairtrade logo. This product is perfect for business exhibitions, conferences, seminars and corporate events providing an ethical presence for your company.

Full Colour Printed Canned Sparkling Wine With Elderflower And Mint. Bubbly and refreshing this beverage contains sparkling wine (6.5%) Elderflower and Mint. This summer favourite is best-served ice cold from the can and is perfect for spring into summer promotions. Ideal for summer corporate events and parties. The wrap can be printed with your corporate branding in full colour on a solid or transparent label.

Full Colour Printed Can Of Beer. Nothing delivers your marketing message like our crisp and refreshing Promotional Canned Beer. Suitable for corporate events,summer events, festivals. The trendy 250ml aluminium can has the option to be customised in full colour, the tasty pale beer contains 5% alcohol and it has a 6-month shelf life.

Branded Latte Macchiato Can – Ice Coffee. With Full Colour Print. Creamy and delicious our Latte Macchiato (iced coffee) in a can is the perfect boost for any marketing campaign. The handy 250ml aluminium can has the option to be personalised in full colour with 7 different finishes:

Promotional Can Of Organic Orange Juice With Full Colour Print. Our Organic Orange Juice Can with its full body taste promotes a healthy image for any marketing campaign. This product is high in natural vitamin C, is free from preservatives and has no added sugar, it also had a 9-month shelf life. You can personalise the trendy 200ml can in full colour with 7 different finishes:

Branded Canned Red Berry Juice. Containing a delicious combination of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, this isotonic drink returns lost power when exercising and is the perfect pick me up for long days in the office. This low-calorie drink is made with 7% fruit juice and it’s 12-month shelf life makes it perfect for extended all year round promotions. The sleek 250ml aluminium can has the option to be personalised in full colour with 7 different finishes:

Branded Lemon Ice Tea – Can. With Full Colour Print. During a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than the thirst-quenching taste of delicious ice tea combined with the zesty citrus burst of fresh lemons. This product is ideal for exhibition handouts, conference and seminar refreshments where you want to keep your potential clients not only hydrated but also alert. It’s also perfect for those spring into summer promotional campaigns. The wrap can be printed in full colour on white, coloured or transparent backgrounds.

Full Colour Printed Refreshing Isotonic Canned Drink. Our thirst-quenching Isotonic Refresher has the zesty citrus taste of sun-ripened grapefruit, oranges and lemons. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals which give you a fantastic energy boost with all the benefits of a low-calorie fitness drink. Your design can be printed in full colour in both Body Label or Full Body Label sizes, a transparent label option is also available! Why not boost your next marketing campaign with this energetic and high impact promotional product.

Promotional Lemon Energy Drink – Can. With Full Colour Print. High energy and bursting with Lemon freshness, our lemon flavoured energy drink is perfect for creating memorable and impactful marketing campaigns. Sun-ripened Lemons combined with Caffeine, Taurine and Dextrose give this beverage a zesty kick. Perfect for handouts at exhibitions, conferences and corporate events, summer events, sporting events and outdoor events. The wrap can be printed in full colour to display your logo or corporate message on both a solid or transparent label.

Branded Canned Caffe Latte. Our Caffè Latte is creamy and refreshing with an intense coffee flavour, it’s the perfect promotional product for unique marketing campaigns. Served cold this iced coffee can be enjoyed all day long and is perfect for exhibition handouts, conferences, boardroom meetings and corporate events. The wrap can be printed in full colour to showcase your branding or corporate message and is available in Body Label and Full Body Label formats. There is an option to create your artwork on a transparent label allowing the aluminium finish to show behind your design.



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