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from £3.55

Promotional Wine Set In Gift Box. Mosel wine set with a metal waiters bar knife and bottle stopper, supplied in a black gift box. Engraved with your company branding. A ideal promotional gift for any wine lover.

from £7.66

Branded Wine Set In Bottle Shaped Gift Box. Wine set presented in bottle shaped box. With wine stopper, corkscrew and anti drip collar. Magnetic closing. Printed with your company branding. A beautifully present promotional gift for all wine lovers.

from £8.02

Promotional Wine Accessory Gift Set In Tin Box. Wine set including bottle opener, stopper, pourer and anti-drip ring presented in tin box. Engraved with your company branding. A great promotional gift for any season.

from £9.79

Promotional Wine Gift Set Presented In A Wooden Chess Board. Four piece wine set with a chess-game in a wooden gift box includes chess game, bottle stop, temperature gauge, drip neck collar and a waiters friend. Beautifully presented with your company branding.

from £10.02

Promotional Wine Four Piece Set Presented In A wooden Gift Box. Four piece wine set presented in a deluxe wooden gift box, includes a waiters friend, temperature gauge, bottle stop and a drip neck collar. For more information and a free visual contact us at

from £10.03

Branded 4-piece Wine Set In PU Leather Gift Box. The four piece wine gift set includes a stopper, waiter corkscrew, drip ring and pourer with stopper in a fine detailed ultra Hyde gift box. Perfect for any gifting occasion. Presented in an Avenue gift box. Ultra Hyde, stainless steel and metal.

from £10.10

Engraved Wine Gift Set In Bamboo Box. Wine set in bamboo box includes a corkscrew, wine collar, and stopper in stainless steel and bamboo. A beautifully present gift set.

from £10.31

Branded Stainless Steel And Bamboo Wine Set In Gift Box. Wine gift set with stainless steel corkscrew, wine ring and stopper, with bamboo accents. Presented in a bamboo gift box.

from £12.06

Promotional Classic Wine Set In Wooden Gift Box. Elegant wine set presented in wooden box. With wine stopper, corkscrew, bottle collar and thermometer.

from £17.26

Promotional Wine Set In Aluminium Gift Box. Four piece wine set in an aluminium gift box (excludes wine) includes a waiters friend, wine pourer bottle stop, bottle stop and a drip neck collar.

from £17.64

Promotional Wine Accessory Set In Bamboo Gift Box. Wine giftset in bamboo box. The items are stainless steel with bamboo accents. The set includes: a wine bottle ring, pouring spout, cork and corkscrew.

from £21.04

Promotional Bamboo Gift Box With Wine Set. Bamboo gift box for holding one wine bottle with 4 wine accessories. Engraved with your company branding. Wine bottle not included.



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