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Welcome to the Promotional Merchandise website from PromoBrand

We have compiled what we believe to be the most concise and fully comprehensive corporate gift collection brought together in this user-friendly site.

Advertsing and Promotional

Promotional Gifts and Novelty Items are a great way to promote and bring attention to your brand. Our range of Promotional and Novelty gifts and items contain very unique products that will allow you to differentiate yourself from other corporations. We have promotional and advertising gifts that are perfect for all types of events including outdoor promotional events, for which promotional banners or balloons could be used to bring attention to your brand. Branded Piggy Banks are great products for promoting you brand, as not only do they benefit you in increasing brand awareness, they also benefit your clients as it helps them to save money and they will associate this benefit with your brand. Some outdoor events could include charity runs or marathons or trade shows and fairs which gives you a great opportunity to use some of our great promotional products such as our badges or lanyards. Some of our products are also great for promotional giveaways, which will help your brand to be remembered by your customers and for your products to be close to them for a long time to come.


Clothing and Textiles

we have an extremely large selection of promotional clothing to choose from, including hundreds of different clothing items, all of which can be used for nearly all types of promotional events and campaigns. There are many types of clothing and clothing accessories on our website, including t-shirtssweatshirtsshortstrousers and sportswear, all able to be branded upon. Promotional Clothing is useful for all types of events, such as trade shows and fairs, where branded shirts could be worn by employees of your company, to sports events like charity runs, where branded running shorts of hats are suitable. Branded apparel are great ways to increase awareness of your brand, and we know there is something here for any event


Conference and Exhibitions 

Our Conference and Exhibition products are popular items due to their functionality and usefulness in office environments and conferences alike. Products such as our conference bags and folders help to create a more professional work place as they are used commonly among employees. Our large selection of conference and exhibition promotional products will help your brand to emit a professional vibe among your customers


Desk Accessories

Our vast range of Desk Accessories can be used as great in house promotional products for your own employees to use in office, or for giving away to your customers, as the products you give away will remain close by to them. Whether it be a promotional clock hanging on the wall, allowing for your brand to be seen whenever they glance to check the time, or a promotional calculator simply sitting on a desk. In house promotional gifts are also great for generating a more professional environment within your own offices.



Promotional Drinkware such as ceramic mugs, sports bottles or thermal mugs are great for printing your brand onto, as they are used very commonly by most people. Branded Drinkware is a sure enough way to promote your brand quickly and effectively, all at a budget friendly price. We have available a very large selection of different types of drinkware, allowing you to find the right product that's suitable for your customers. For example, sport bottles are great if your trying to promote a sporting event such as a marathon or other charity runs. Whatever your aim, we are certain you will find the right product for your brand.


Eco Friendly

Our range of Recycled and Eco Friendly products are great for companies that want to show they are environmentally aware and want to decrease their eco footprint. In our eco friendly range, we have a large selection of different products to choose from, including a large array of bags, writing materials, pencil cases, coasters and mouse mats. 


Executive Gifts

Executive Gifts are the perfect products for awarding employees for their successes and achievements. Our stock of executive products include high quality items at a very competitive price, allowing you to reward your employees without the large costs. We make sure the products we have available are suitable for everyone, so we offer budget, low end products as well as high end, high quality products, all of which are impressive products in their own right. Crystal Glass Awards can be engraved with personal messages and acknowledgements, giving the awards higher percieved value, and also real meaning in the hands of employees. All of the other executive gifts in this category can be branded with your logo and personal messages also. We have made sure to include a choice of executive gifts that anyone and everyone can use.


Gadgets and USB

Technology plays a large roll in our everyday lives. Everyone is exposed to technology in some way or another, this gives you the opportunity to increase exposure to your brand. Our Gadgets and Electronics are very popular due to their increasing amount of use in everyday life. Branded electronic goods is a very good way to get your brand name or logo known, and we offer very functional and popular products that will help boost your corporate identity, but also at a competitive price.


Glassware and awards

Crystal and Glass Awards are a great way of commending employee successes and achievements. This category is full of high quality awards that can be engraved with your logo or brand, along with a personal message. Crystal & Glass Awards are perfect for any occassion, and with our large selection of different shapes and styles, you can be sure theres an award here to suit your brand.


Pens and Pencils

Branded Pens and Pencils are the most popular way of promoting brands using promotional products. Promotional Pens and Writing Instruments are a cheap and effective way of increasing brand awareness and strengthing your corporate identity. We offer a large variety of customizable pens and pencils which can be made to your specifications. The Prodir range of pens are brilliant for their level of customizability, as each part of the pen can be specifically chosen in different colours and the many large print areas that are available. Promotional writing materials are used all the time by everyone, and because they are low cost products, they can be handed out at promotional events for free to gain brand exposure. No matter what your message is or who you want to get it accross to, we know there is a promotional product in this category that will suit your needs.


Practical Tools

Promotional Torches and functional tools can make great little gifts that will keep your brand fresh in the mind of your customers and target audience. Many of the products in this category come as keyring attachments, which means that your product and brand will remain nearby your customers and due to the high quality of our merchandise, the products will remain by your customer's side for a long time. 


Printed Bags

Branded bags are a great way to promote your brand as they are highly functional and also very high quality, meaning they will stay with your customers for a long time to come. Our Promotional Bags also boast large printing areas, allowing your brand logo to be very visable on our products. Some of our promotional travel and leisure items include products such as travel wallets, beach towels and travel mugs, all of which are great items for promoting your brand.

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