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A composite plastic pencil made from post consumer plastic waste. Features a silver ferrule and white eraser, supplied sharpened.

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Recycled CD case pencil, available in 13 popular colours. Made in the UK.

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An Eco-friendly pencil with HB lead made from rolled recycled newspaper featuring a silver ferrule and coloured eraser to match. Supplied sharpened. Due to the composition of the pencil there may be some dust contamination on the delivered article.

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As well as using less plastic by having a card barrel, the trim is made from plastic made up of 60% Wheat plastic from a natural and sustainable source.

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Multicoloured pencil

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Recycled Pencil Topper. Give your business personality using the circular front print area. This topper can be used as a marketing tool or a way to integrate your brand subtly into people’s lives. Combine functionality and fun, whilst being kind to the planet. • Always made from recycled plastic or our rHIPS.b plastic • Add some fun to your stationary. • Offers brand visibility whilst promoting your business. • Logo or message digitally printed CMYK as standard. • Made in the UK • Available colours White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple For more information on this printed Recycled Pencil Topper call us on 020 8318 9603 or email

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An eco-friendly bamboo pencil that lasts and lasts! The specially produced nib is 99% graphite and has microscopic reduction for use time and time again without wearing down. Supplied with a pre-printed eco message 'made from bamboo’.

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Available with a black or white eraser and matching ferrule, this eco-friendly bamboo pencil is built to last. The specially produced nib is 99% graphite and has microscopic reduction for use time and time again without wearing down. Supplied with a pre-printed eco message, 'Made from Bamboo''. Available with black or white eraser.

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A retractable Bamboo pencil to match the Beck Bamboo Ball pen. 0.7mm lead.

from £1.26

Promotional coloured chalk sticks in natural card box. Four coloured chalk sticks. 25 mm diameter. Keeping it green in your business certainly helps in improving your brand image. With promotional Eco pencils, you are sure to promote your company as a Eco-friendly advocacy. Personalised Eco pens and pencils show that your company cares for the environment whilst advertising your brand to potential clients. Our branded stationary range include pens and pencils made from a range of materials including bamboo, PLA corn, wheat straw, carton paper, recycled paper and recycled plastic bottles. We have a extensive range of environmentally friendly promotional products including reusable natural cotton and Jute bags, bottles and mugs made from materials such as glass, bamboo, PLA plant based materials, natural wooden toys, solar powered and wood tech products, plastic free pens and pencils, and recycled notebooks. Our custom branded ECO pencils are ideal for children's clubs, schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, theme parks and the retail trade.

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These can be used as a standard pencil and when you are done, just plant them and watch them grow! Made of sustainably harvested wood and contain no lead - only a graphite writing core. Engraved with your logo and bulk packed as standard. Supplied unsharpened.



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